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Holistic Approach to Services

Davidson Accountants is a growing, innovative and energetic firm of Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors in Newcastle.

We have a holistic approach to services and for this reason our responsiveness to the business world is a key factor in our operations.

The Seven Stages of Business Life

Davidson Accountants can help at any stage of your business life cycle.

Seed Stage

The seed stage of your business life cycle is when your business is just a thought or an idea. This is the very conception or birth of a new business.

Start-Up Stage

Your business is born and now exists legally. Products or services are in production and you have your first customers.

Growth Stage

Your business has made it through the early stages. Revenues and customers are increasing with many new opportunities and issues. Profits are strong, but competition is surfacing.

Established Stage

Your business has now matured into a thriving company with a place in the market and loyal customers. Sales growth is not explosive but manageable. Business life has become more routine.

Expansion Stage

This life cycle is characterised by a new period of growth into new markets and distribution channels. This stage is often the choice of the small business owner to gain a larger market share and find new revenue and profit channels.

Decline Stage

Changes in the economy, society, or market conditions can decrease sales and profits.

Exit Stage

This is the big opportunity for your business to cash out on all the effort and years of hard work. Or it can mean shutting.

Each stage of the business life cycle may not occur in chronological order. Some businesses will be built to flip; quickly going from start-up to exit. Others will choose to avoid expansion and stay in the established stage.
Davidson Accountants can assist your business at any stage of your business life cycle.