What We Do


Davidson Accountants has a specialist tax division providing tax planning & strategic advice.

Our Tax Consulting division was established to ensure that we provide the highest level of tax advice to our clients in the complex and ever changing Australian tax environment.

This division also provides services to other professional firms wishing to outsource this service.

Business Planning

Planning is a key to any business throughout its existence. Every successful business regularly reviews its business plan to ensure it meets the needs of a growing enterprise and to ensure that an organisation can respond to a rapidly changing business environment.

Once you've reviewed your progress and identified the key growth areas that you want to target, it's time to revisit your business plan and make it a road map to the next stages for your business.

Our strong experience in business planning is demonstrated by the numerous business planning projects in a wide variety of industries we have undertaken throughout Australia. Our broad range of commercial services also enables us to apply specialised resources to issues identified through the planning process such as Employee Relations and IT.

Business Development

The enormous effort undertaken for business to succeed must be rewarded by maximising wealth creation.

Davidson Accountants Business Development Services ensures your businesses success by driving growth, value and profitability.

Our Business Development Advisers bring a diverse range of expertise with an approach that is both innovative and challenging.

We understand business growth and success in the Australian and international market. As the leading advisers to growing businesses, we focus on ways to optimise your businesses profitability today, whilst working with you to plan and implement strategies for your business to reach its potential.

Corporate Services

Davidson Accountants are leaders in providing strategic, corporate and project advice.

Our Corporate Services have a strong sector focus and provide strategic advice for mergers, acquisitions, takeovers and cost-effective funding strategies.

Our strong reputation stems from our experience and ability to listen to and understand our clients' needs and trends in their industry. We formulate advice which takes into account the complexities of accounting, taxation, market dynamics and outlook, regulation, and equity and debt capital markets.

We will ensure our clients receive the best advice and ideas in markets which increasingly benefit their business.

Audit & Assurance

Our audit team add value by providing cost efficient and effective audit and assurance that helps our clients understand complex financial reports and assess commercial risks.

We provide a full range of Assurance Services from statutory audit through Internal Audit and Risk Management Systems Audits, to specific agreed upon procedures that provide our clients with the information needed for decision making.

We understand what is providing strength and what is preventing growth in a business, we help clients develop effective management strategies, which ultimately grow their business. This builds confidence in the client''s future performance.

Our audit staff are intensively trained in procedures that have been finely-tuned over many years.

Services include Fraud Investigation, Mergers and Restructuring, Risk Management, Internal Audit, Contract Audits and Business Acquisitions Statutory Reports.

Business Recovery

Business recovery has become increasingly complex and specialised.

Davidson Accountants experience ensures access to reliable financial profiles and strategic business recovery advice services. We ensure that the business we are dealing with is clearly understood. 

Our experience in all areas of business recovery practice across Australia, our innovation, coupled with a team approach to problem resolution, has enabled us to develop reliable and mutually rewarding alliances with our associations in the credit management, accounting, and legal sectors.

Our highly experienced and qualified staff, sophisticated systems and processes, and access to a network of contacts including financiers, large national corporations, and government authorities, have enabled us consistently to deliver an unparalleled level of service and expertise.

Succession Planning

Nobody likes to think about it, but it's inevitable in business that one day the services of the current owners and key personnel will not be available. Whilst this topic is not always pleasant to consider, the risk of ignoring these issues are great.

Davidson Accountants has worked with many businesses to ensure they are not at risk from lack of succession planning. A succession, or exit plan outlines who will take over your business when you leave.

A good succession plan enables a smooth transition with less likelihood of disruption to operations. By planning your exit well in advance you can maximise the value of your business and enable it to meet future needs.

Davidson Accountants will ensure the right structure is in place well before the need arises and that our clients receive assurance for the future.

Our experience in succession planning has taught us that this issue must be handled in a professional, diplomatic and structured way.


Superannuation is the second largest asset of many Australians.

Through superannuation, you save and invest money during your working life to fund your retirement. More and more people are realising that they can take control of this very important investment through the use of Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF).

Davidson Accountants, in partnership with investment specialists, offers specialised superannuation advice which suits the needs of our individual clients. We will review your personal or corporate superannuation arrangements to explain how your superannuation investment can be arranged to meet your expectations, make sure your investment options complement your risk profile and assist you in the creation of a comprehensive superannuation strategy for your retirement.

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is all about organising your assets and savings into a plan which will meet your goals for retirement. With luck you will be retired for over 20 years or more. Therefore it's essential to plan now for your future.

Davidson Accountants recognise the key to successful retirement planning is generating enough income to pay for your desired lifestyle.

Davidson Financial Advisers can show you:

  • How to minimise your tax
  • How you can still earn a regular income once you've retired
  • How to maximise your super - even after you've retired
  • How to top up your income with Centrelink benefits

We recognise the benefits of having a financial strategy, these include:

  • Summarise your current financial position and future goals
  • Analyse any taxation or superannuation laws, or Centrelink rules that will apply to your situation
  • Explain what you need to do next
  • Highlight any fees and commissions payable
  • Create a framework for future financial decisions