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Changes to the definition of fully vaccinated for COVID-19 CHANGED ON 10th February 2022

Australia's definition of being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 will now be termed “Up to Date” or “Out of Date”.  People aged over 16 years will now only be considered "up to date" with their vaccinations if they have had the booster shot.

Key points:

  • People will need to get a booster within six months of their primary course to be up to date
  • The rule will not apply to international travellers coming to Australia
  • Those not eligible for a booster will be considered up to date after their primary vaccine course

The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) has recommended moving away from the term "fully vaccinated". ATAGI's new advice has been endorsed by national cabinet.

Under the new rules, if it has been longer than six months since someone's last primary course dose and they are eligible for a booster, they will be considered "overdue".

"People under 16 years of age will continue to be considered 'up to date' after completing their primary course of vaccination, while severely immunocompromised people aged five years and older will require a third primary dose to remain up to date.

The Federal Government has only mandated this for aged care workers at the moment: however, it stated individual state government And territories CAN decide to implement mandates in their own jurisdictions.